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Helldorado Gunfight Showdown

26 Jul

When we were younger, we enjoyed playing cowboys with our friends or cousins. Back then, we used to dream about becoming a superhero cowboy when we grow up. But, little did we know that this childhood dream of being a cowboy can be reminisced with a trip to the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant. Helldorado Town is a Wild West theme park that many would enjoy, and it is suitable for the young, the old and especially for cowboy fanatics. If you are looking to plan a trip that is fun, exciting and preferably with some comedy, then Helldorado Town is just the right place to go in a chartered Arizona coach bus.

As you plan your trip to the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant, be sure to bring along your cowboy fanatic friends along or they’ll “shoot” you when they find out that you’ve been here without them! After all, since you will be chartering an Arizona bus, filling the bus up with your “cowboy friends” is not that big a deal. On top of that, your friends will thank you for inviting them – especially if they too, have also been wanting to find or plan a trip such as this one.

At the Helldorado Town, you and your friends will get to enjoy at least half an hour’s of comedy gunfight show before or after you tour the town itself. Go on a trolley ride as you tour the cowboy town; sip a cold beer or sarsaparilla as you enjoy the comical gunfight performance by the owner and his fellow re-enactors. Other than that, if you ever get hungry, you can always drop by The Chuckwagon Eatery to grab a bite or order food from the Cerveza’s Cantina and Snacks and have your order delivered to you while you are enjoying the show! And if you like, you and your friends can also play golf at their Mad Miners Mini Golf course and check out each hole that features Tombstone’s Wild West facts. After you have had your hands on the golf clubs, hand it over in exchange for a “gun”. Put your shooting skills to the test as you participate in the Old Time Shooting Gallery with a long distance Range Rifles or have a draw down against one of Helldorado Town’s fastest Gunfighters – but you will have to be faster than the Gunfighters or risk being shot – with water! Before you leave home in your chartered Arizona bus, be sure to get your own pictures taken from behind the bars at the Jailhouse or the Boothill coffin and bring it home to keep as a reminder of how much fun you had at the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant!