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Rocket Burgers and Subs (Phoenix Arizona)

3 Jun

Are you tired of eating at the local chain of fast food restaurants that is everywhere in Phoenix AZ? Are you feeling done with the expensive and overpriced chic dining scene here too? How about going local? Based on feedback from our Arizona charter bus rental customers, it is hard to go wrong with Rocket Burgers and Subs because this is a small quaint restaurant that is personable, customer-focused, inexpensive and serves an extremely good array of food!

Like they say, the main focal point for Rocket Burgers is to provide their Arizona charter bus customers nothing short of great food at great prices. Instead of bearing with only a couple of types of non-alcoholic drinks like in some restaurants, Rocket Burgers is ALL about sodas…so much so that they are offering their customers more than two hundred and fifty types of unique sodas that are not to be found anywhere else in the country!

The kitchen works tirelessly to come up with new dishes to offer their regulars. For instance, the Mango Habanero Chicken Sandwich combo was recently introduced and it turned out to be a great hit because they are using fresh chicken from the local market which is personally marinaded by the chef before being fried to a perfect golden brown state and then and only then is the food brought to the customers’ tables.

The unique eatery also offer many other types of burgers that comes with customized toppings which includes hot pastrami, fried pineapples, gyro meat and philly steak, just to name a few.

Needless to say, Arizona charter bus rental guests are not here for the ambiance and are clearly here for the subs that Phoenix New Times have proudly claimed as the ‘best tasting sub deal in the valley’. The diner is open everyday from 10am till 9pm expect for Sundays when they open and close an hour later than usual. Is the restaurant suitable for kids? Are the kids going to be able pick out a dish that they want to try? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, of course.

Heading out to a place like Rocket Burger and Subs would usually mean saying a silent apology towards your healthy diet and personal trainer for the day. It has been said that the Bacon Cheeseburger is so perfect that one would crave for it at the worst of times. Even the onion rings are especially good when compared to the usual ones offered at fastfood chain of restaurants. One can easily tell that the people behind Rocket Burger are seriously not just about the food that they serve but also about satiating your appetite because the serving portion is huge.

So, if you want to sample what the locals love in terms of food choices during your Arizona bus charters vacation, we think asking your bus charter rental driver to bring you around to Rocket Burgers would be a good call.