A Hiking Tour Through Grand Canyon

10 Apr

It is hard to run out places to explore and have an adventure in when you are in such a diverse place like Arizona. Arizona’s outback and outdoors is so varied that you can do hikingbiking,climbingcave exploring and swimming any time you want. If you are doing these activities in a large group, renting a charter bus is recommended. For that, Bus Charter Arizona is a good choice. Give us a call for a quick quote.

Hiking Tour around the rim of Grand Canyon

Acknowledged by National Geographic as one of the top 50 tours of one’s lifetime, exploring Grand Canyon from the North to the South rim on foot is one of the best ways to get to know the place. The hiking tour is definitely designed to challenge even the fittest of us as you trek your way to amazingly gorgeous spots like the world famous Colorado River and Phantom Ranch which is located right at the base of Grand Canyon.

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Celebrating Christmas in Cowboy Style

5 Dec

For something a little different than the usual winter wonderland Christmas celebration, how about celebrating this holiday season in a Texan Cowboy style? One of the most popular attraction for charter bus visitors to Arizona is Rawhide’s Cowboy Christmas Celebration. Located in the Gila River Indian Community, this western frontier town goes back in history when the Huhukam Civilization was at its peak.

Exploring the Wild Wild West

At this western frontier, rental bus visitors can find the typical 1880’s style Old West shops, just like how it is like in the movies. Even the meals are done the cowboy way, with cookouts at sundown. Exciting shows are held such as gunfights and stunt show, all done at the Six Gun Theater.

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Doing Things Differently in Arizona

29 Oct

Yes, there is plenty of outdoor spaces, desert and exciting adventurous things to do in all of Arizona but when you are tired and weary of all that traveling, it is time to dust off and put on those dancing shoes and head over to these amazing entertainment outlet and restaurants. Since we have been dealing with so many bus charter Arizona travelers, tourists, event organizers and tour guides for countless years, we have plenty of recommendations based on the stories and feedback from the people who have been there, done that.

San Tan Flat is one such recommendation. Visiting San Tan Flat not only gives you the chance to experience an exclusive and all-immersing local full service restaurant and bar, outside, the management will set up a full campfire so that bus charter Arizona visitors can bring their drinks out to enjoy the crackling fire that ensues. Nothing bonds like good food, amazing drinks and the sound of crackling campfire so, if you are heading over with your family and friends, we are sure you are going to end up closer and are more understanding of each other than before this bus charter Arizona. The campfire time could also be an opportunity for you to make new friends with the locals, and who knows, you might come this way again and you would have a new friend to catch up with the next time you are here. San Tran Flat’s address is 6185 West Hunt Highway, Queen Creek AZ. Buzz them at (480) 882-2995 for details.

Fall is the best time to visit Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community because their annual events usually fall on October right through to November. The events in question are the annual casino Arizona fall classic car show and Red Mountain eagle pow wow. For more information about the festival and show, call (480) 850-7777 and (480) 850-8036 respectively. The Pima people are the sovereign of other Indian communities in Phoenix and are considered descendants of the Hohokam community. They are the first ever people to farm at and create an elaborate irrigation system on Salt River Valley, hence, the sovereign status. Initially, the Maricopa people lived a little lower down the river but over time, as they slowly migrate upwards, the community merged in 1825 to form the Pima-Maricopa community. It is quite easy to get in touch with the Tribal Government (yes, they have their own community leader and they spend much of their time communicating with others) before the start of your bus charter Arizona vacation so, they can be reached at 10005 E. Osborn Rd. Scottsdale AZ 85256.

We hope you will have an unforgettable time at these amazing and inspiring Arizona landmark locations.

McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park

10 Sep

Whether or not everyone in the family likes train, planning a trip to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in an Arizona charter bus is surely something to look forward to – especially when you also plan to have a picnic there as well. When it comes to having food with the family, any place is a good place. Besides, how often would you and your family be able to visit a place that also doubles up as a picnic place? The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park is one of the few of such places – a great place to explore the park that features the famous railroad cars with an antique carousel that also provides ample spots for visitors to have a picnic after the tour of the museum.

At the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, visitors arriving in Arizona charter buses would be able to enjoy touring the model train museum for free and if you want to bring the kids for some fun at the carousel and train ride, you can either buy a book of 12 tickets for $10 or purchase a wristband that is good for the whole day for $10. For every carousel and train ride, they each cost two tickets per person. The train ride takes about twelve minutes and it goes across two bridges and one tunnel, while the carousel is really big and it also happens to be of the main attractions of the park. Kids simply love riding on the carousel.

For parents who travel with their kids to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in the Arizona charter bus, and are concern about the cleanliness of the park – well, you can rest assure that the park is always clean, very well maintained and they make the park a great place for families, especially the ones with kids who love trains! During spring, this park is beautifully decorated with Christmas tree lighting and it is a great time to come too because as go on the train rides, the holiday lights gives you a “magical fantasy winter wonderland” kind of feeling. The interesting thing about the park is that there are two playgrounds there. One of the playground is considered to be the biggest playground around the town and has about three or four slides, some swings, towers and monkey bars. The other playground is found in the middle of the park and comes with a western theme to it – this one has a slide, a pretend jail and a wagon that kids would love to play on.

Helldorado Gunfight Showdown

26 Jul

When we were younger, we enjoyed playing cowboys with our friends or cousins. Back then, we used to dream about becoming a superhero cowboy when we grow up. But, little did we know that this childhood dream of being a cowboy can be reminisced with a trip to the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant. Helldorado Town is a Wild West theme park that many would enjoy, and it is suitable for the young, the old and especially for cowboy fanatics. If you are looking to plan a trip that is fun, exciting and preferably with some comedy, then Helldorado Town is just the right place to go in a chartered Arizona coach bus.

As you plan your trip to the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant, be sure to bring along your cowboy fanatic friends along or they’ll “shoot” you when they find out that you’ve been here without them! After all, since you will be chartering an Arizona bus, filling the bus up with your “cowboy friends” is not that big a deal. On top of that, your friends will thank you for inviting them – especially if they too, have also been wanting to find or plan a trip such as this one.

At the Helldorado Town, you and your friends will get to enjoy at least half an hour’s of comedy gunfight show before or after you tour the town itself. Go on a trolley ride as you tour the cowboy town; sip a cold beer or sarsaparilla as you enjoy the comical gunfight performance by the owner and his fellow re-enactors. Other than that, if you ever get hungry, you can always drop by The Chuckwagon Eatery to grab a bite or order food from the Cerveza’s Cantina and Snacks and have your order delivered to you while you are enjoying the show! And if you like, you and your friends can also play golf at their Mad Miners Mini Golf course and check out each hole that features Tombstone’s Wild West facts. After you have had your hands on the golf clubs, hand it over in exchange for a “gun”. Put your shooting skills to the test as you participate in the Old Time Shooting Gallery with a long distance Range Rifles or have a draw down against one of Helldorado Town’s fastest Gunfighters – but you will have to be faster than the Gunfighters or risk being shot – with water! Before you leave home in your chartered Arizona bus, be sure to get your own pictures taken from behind the bars at the Jailhouse or the Boothill coffin and bring it home to keep as a reminder of how much fun you had at the Helldorado Gunfight Theatre and Restaurant!

Rocket Burgers and Subs (Phoenix Arizona)

3 Jun

Are you tired of eating at the local chain of fast food restaurants that is everywhere in Phoenix AZ? Are you feeling done with the expensive and overpriced chic dining scene here too? How about going local? Based on feedback from our Arizona charter bus rental customers, it is hard to go wrong with Rocket Burgers and Subs because this is a small quaint restaurant that is personable, customer-focused, inexpensive and serves an extremely good array of food!

Like they say, the main focal point for Rocket Burgers is to provide their Arizona charter bus customers nothing short of great food at great prices. Instead of bearing with only a couple of types of non-alcoholic drinks like in some restaurants, Rocket Burgers is ALL about sodas…so much so that they are offering their customers more than two hundred and fifty types of unique sodas that are not to be found anywhere else in the country!

The kitchen works tirelessly to come up with new dishes to offer their regulars. For instance, the Mango Habanero Chicken Sandwich combo was recently introduced and it turned out to be a great hit because they are using fresh chicken from the local market which is personally marinaded by the chef before being fried to a perfect golden brown state and then and only then is the food brought to the customers’ tables.

The unique eatery also offer many other types of burgers that comes with customized toppings which includes hot pastrami, fried pineapples, gyro meat and philly steak, just to name a few.

Needless to say, Arizona charter bus rental guests are not here for the ambiance and are clearly here for the subs that Phoenix New Times have proudly claimed as the ‘best tasting sub deal in the valley’. The diner is open everyday from 10am till 9pm expect for Sundays when they open and close an hour later than usual. Is the restaurant suitable for kids? Are the kids going to be able pick out a dish that they want to try? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, of course.

Heading out to a place like Rocket Burger and Subs would usually mean saying a silent apology towards your healthy diet and personal trainer for the day. It has been said that the Bacon Cheeseburger is so perfect that one would crave for it at the worst of times. Even the onion rings are especially good when compared to the usual ones offered at fastfood chain of restaurants. One can easily tell that the people behind Rocket Burger are seriously not just about the food that they serve but also about satiating your appetite because the serving portion is huge.

So, if you want to sample what the locals love in terms of food choices during your Arizona bus charters vacation, we think asking your bus charter rental driver to bring you around to Rocket Burgers would be a good call.

Balloons over Arizona

7 May

Cool weather signals the start of the hot air ballooning season in Arizona. The cooler the air, the less fuel it takes to heat the air inside the balloon and rise above the deserts. For hot areas like southern Arizona, temperatures finally dip below 80 degrees Fahrenheit in early November. The Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival celebrates the cool weather, bringing balloonists and charter bus visitors from around the country to soar over Arizona’s picturesque desert. Visit Arizona with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus chartered from Bus Charter Arizona and travel through the state in comfort and style.

The Colorado River Crossing Balloon Festival takes place in Yuma, Arizona, over three days in mid-November. The ballooning event heralds the arrival of cool weather and winter charter bus visitors that flock to the area for its warm winter climate. On Saturday and Sunday, the balloons are launched from West Wetlands Park near the shore of the Colorado River. Buttes in the desert beyond serve as a dramatic backdrop for the ballooning events. Other events, such as a media balloon flight and Saturday evening balloon glow, take place at other locations in the city of Yuma.

The balloons lift off en mass Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings. Early birds on a Arizona charter bus can arrive at 6 a.m. when balloonists begin the process of inflating their balloon and readying it for flight. Coffee, hot chocolate and food items are available for sale as you walk around observing colorful nylon material transform into their familiar shapes. The balloons go wherever the wind takes them, so you may see them head over the desert or float above town.

Charter bus visitors can watch the balloonists to have a competition called “Hound and Hare.” The balloon acting as the hare changes elevations to catch different wind currents while the hound balloons seek to follow. The hare will eventually lay out a large “x” on the ground where it lands. The hounds then try to maneuver over the “x” and drop a weighted marker with their number on it. The pilot whose marker comes closest to the center of the “x” is the winner. It is more difficult than it sounds, since balloons have no steering wheels or rudders and rely solely on the skill of the pilot to catch delicate wind currents at varying elevations to change direction.

A Saturday afternoon carnival features rides in a tethered balloon. The flight lasts about five minutes and bring rental bus visitors 75 feet in the air. Students from local schools launch handmade tissue-paper balloons to see whose can fly the longest and farthest. Darkness sets the stage for the Balloon Glow, where colorful balloons are lit from inside in timing to music. At West Wetlands Park, parents with young children can check out the The Stewart Vincent Wolfe Memorial Playground, a large fanciful castle filled with slides and other delightful activities for kids on a charter bus visit. Fishermen can cast a line in the park’s pond and kayakers and other paddlers may wish to launch at the boat ramp to watch the balloons lift off from the vantage point of the water.

Fly high over Arizona in a balloon when you plan a charter bus visit to Arizona with Bus Charter Arizona.

Pushing on to Phoenix

7 Jan

Phoenix is the state capital of Arizona. Phoenix is renowned for it’s warm, dry climate, attracting many out-of-staters. Phoenix is especially popular during the winter, when many in northern states come to soak up the sun and avail themselves of the many attractions in Phoenix.

Founded in 1864, Phoenix is located in the north of the Sonoran Desert, in what is called the Valley of the Sun. Temperatures in Phoenix typically to 100 °F (38 °C) in summer. Phoenix is a city primarily dependent on cars. In this regard, Bus Charters Arizona will be able to assist you in your plans to visit and get out and about in Phoenix.

Phoenix has a vibrant arts and crafts culture, descending from the skills of the Hohokam Indians who first settled the Valley of the Sun over 2,000 years ago. Performing arts are another featured Phoenix attraction. A primary contributor to the economy of Phoenix is agriculture, and also research and development from the electronics and aerospace industries.

The city also relies on tourism, and is proud of its architecture, juxtaposing a mix of sleek modern high rises with a mix of Native American and Colonial Spanish building styles. Sports is another key Phoenix activity. Visiting Phoenix, you will be spoilt for choice in terms of golf courses and tennis courts. The Arizona Cardinals and Phoenix Suns both call Phoenix home.

A visit to Heritage Square is called for, with key attractions being the Arizona Doll and Toy Museum (also known as the Stevens House), and the Burgess Carriage House. Both places showcase a lot of early Phoenix and American history. There are also numerous other locations within Heritage, which is the original townsite of Phoenix.

The Phoenix Art Museum is a fun family destination. With over 17,000 pieces in its collection, the Phoenix Art Museum offers a collection of European Renaissance and Baroque, the Far East and the American West art. There is an interactive gallery, and a collection of miniature rooms representing historic interiors.

If you have an interest in Native American art, head for the Heard Museum. It’s ten galleries, both indoor and outdoor, showcase an impressive collection of Southwestern art. The collection includes basketwork, pottery, artwork and kachina dolls.

Within the city, you will find Encanto Park. This amusement and entertainment center is located on over 200 acres of land. Inside the park you will find a placid lagoon, picnic areas, golf courses, tennis courts, baseball diamond, a swimming pool, and lots of space to enjoy a little tranquility and outdoor time in the city. Small children will especially love the Enchanted Island Amusement Park.

If you need a hassle free way of moving around Phoenix, and visiting the various attractions the city has to offer, give Bus Charter Arizona a call. We promise personalized, friendly service, and are able to accommodate the needs of your group.

Awestruck at the Grand Canyon

6 Dec

One of the most awe inspiring sights in the United States, or anywhere in the world, the Grand Canyon is a must see for any tourist or charter bus vacation-goer. Located in the north of Arizona, the Grand Canyon national park is easily accessible by road. If you have a party of 5 or more, the best way to visit the canyon for a day of awe inspiring vistas and unforgettable photo opportunities would be to hire a bus from Bus Charter Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is a huge canyon carved in the Colorado Plateau by the Colorado River over millenia. 277 miles (446 km) long, and almost 18 miles (29 km) wide, the canyon reaches a depth of 6,000 feet (1,800 meters). It is considered to be one of the natural wonders of the world.

Arriving at the Grand Canyon in your rented bus charter, there are several activities for both the casual sightseer as well as the more adventurous tourist. The South Rim of the canyon is popular and a great place for the tourist on a limited time budget. Get off the charter bus and go for a rim walk along the edge of the Grand Canyon provides you with views of nature’s majesty, and a reminder of the power she wields.

For the thrill seekers, rafting trips are available, starting from upriver, with day bus charter trips usually taking about 6 to 12 hours, to multi-day journeys with overnight camping stretching up to a week. You can choose from paddle powered inflatable rafts to powered boats. In most cases, prior reservation for accommodation and logistics is required.

Taking the rented bus charter for a hiking trip down the canyon is another popular activity. You have the option of hiking the Grand Canyon from the rim down to the Colorado River and back again, or avail yourself of the many guided hiking tours which take you through the canyon to places that few casual tourists ever see. The Grand Canyon Park Service does not recommend that a rim to river hike be done in a day, due to the difficulty of the terrain, and distances involved.

Accommodation at the canyon ranges from 5 star resorts such as the Grand Hotel in Tusayan, down to mid range places like the Grand Canyon Inn in Williams, down to various camping sites. Please note that permits are required for camping at the canyon, and available from the Park office.

Bus Charter Arizona is able to arrange your party’s bus charter ground transportation to the Grand Canyon, and able to accommodate almost any need or requirement. Find out more information about our charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches and school bus by visiting the individual vehicle pages and then pick up the phone to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives soon.

Grand Views at the Grand Canyon

5 Dec

Head to Arizona with Bus Charter Arizona and take in the sights of one of nature’s greatest natural masterpieces – the Grand Canyon. This deep canyon across the state was made by the Colorado river over millions of years, slowly eroding the bedrock until it dug down to the depth we see today. In fact, the river is still eroding the canyon so every time you come back to visit, you won’t be seeing the exact same features. It is the kind of amazing grandeur that you can completely immerse yourself with even from the charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus or school bus that you have rented from us.

There are generally three main activities you can embark on while visiting the Grand Canyon in a charter bus or coach bus, namely sight-seeing by motor vehicle, stopping along the road at one of the many stops.

South Rim, the most accessible site, allows you sights of Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest and Desert View. North Rim is directly opposite South Rim but do watch out as it can be hard to get to and is generally known to be hard to get to due to, even in good weather. Some of our bus charter Arizona customers have reported incidents of being slightly lost and had to use their GPS to find their way around.

If it’s hiking you prefer, get Bus Charter Arizona to drop you off at the South Kaibab Trail to visit the inner canyon. There’s all sorts of trails to explore and you can even camp over night in selected spots and have the charter bus, coach bus or party bus pick you up when you are ready.

One other activity that our bus charter Arizona customers like to do is to ride down the Colorado River in a raft. Tours can be booked via various operators for a white water ride down various stretches of the 1,450mile/2,330km river.

If you’d rather take in some culture, do note that human artifacts as old as 12,000 years old have been found in the area and there are still a lot of historical buildings form the old west that are still standing. So, we can imagine our bus charter, coach bus or mini bus passengers exploring the place like archaeologists!

Some historical sites you can visit with Bus Charter Arizona would be the Buckey O’Neill Cabin; Kolb Studio; The El Tovar Hotel; Hopi Hotel; Verkamp’s Curios; Locomotive No.4960 at the Grand Canyon Railway Depot; Lookout Studio, Desert View Watchtower and Bright Angel Lodge.

Find out more information about our charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches and school bus by visiting the individual vehicle pages and then pick up the phone to speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives soon.